Organic Millet Hulls by Made in USA – 20 lbs



Size:20 lbs

Millet seeds are lovely little yellow seeds with a nutritious groat and small round, lightweight hulls or shells. When the hulls are separated from the seeds, these small empty half-round shells retain their slick feel and lightweight strength. Yet unlike buckwheat hulls that are more angular, hard and rough; millet hulls feel very soft as they are pliable, have curves rather than angles and edges. This soft feeling transfers through the pillow ticking to your skin, nerves, head, ear and face making the pillow very comfortable, very quiet and not hard, noisy and crunchy. Though they feel soft as we touch them, millet hulls are perfectly capable of supporting your head and neck and curve desired.

A perfect filling for your Bean Products Millet hull pillow or Multi-Grain Buckwheat and Millet hull pillow or your home crafting of dolls, cushions or pillows.

Our millet hulls are certified organically grown, harvested and processed here in the United States. Rarely our millet hulls could have a slight harmless natural scent for a week or so; the scent then disappears.

Millet hulls are considered hypo-allergenic and do not house dust mites and naturally ventilate. Our hulls are dust-free from our triple screening process. Our hulls will keep you comfortable in both winter and summer and will last a decade or longer. Grown and processed in the USA. Bean Products, Inc.

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