BRF Jars Brown Rice Flour Mushroom Substrate (12 Pack)



Enjoy 12 X half pint jars of nutrient fortified brown rice flour and vermiculite mushroom substrate. This is the same mushroom substrate recipe that Out-Grow has used the last 10 years! Each half pint jar of mushroom substrate is fully sterilized, hydrated and ready for inoculation rite out of the box! Out-Grows brown rice flour and vermiculite mushroom substrate fully sterilized in easy to inoculate half pint jars. BRF jars are the perfect growing medium for almost any gourmet mushroom strain. Simply inoculate 2-4cc through the flat grey self-healing inoculation point. Make a circular motion with your needle as you are inoculating to evenly distribute the gourmet mushroom spore solution. BRF jars also have a gas exchange filter so no extra layer of vermiculite is needed. Once your BRF jar is fully colonized you can then birth the cake to your desired fruiting chamber. After you have birthed your cakes you can wash and reuse the jar and lid as well. Made exclusively by Out-Grow LLC.

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