Butler Soy Curls, 8 oz bags – 3 Pack + Chik-Style Seasoning


Vegan / Vegetarian
All Natural
3-pack of 8 oz bags +


Butler Soy CurlsTM are a delicious, alternative to meat. The exquisite texture, flavor and versatility of Soy CurlsTM is unmatched. They make great fajitas, BBQ, sandwiches, stir fries, soups, and more. The options are endless. Soy Curls contain the whole soybean and are minimally processes from non GMO soybeans grown without chemical pesticides. These are a delicious low fat, cholesterol free and easy to prepare alternative to meat. Use in your favorite dishes.

Vegan / Vegetarian
All Natural
3-pack of 8 oz bags +
10.75 oz. jar Chik-Style seasoning

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