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Many people now grow more of their food to guarantee healthy organic food for their families. There is nothing like eating from your own garden! You get fresh, just now picked produce YOUR own farm to YOUR table. This collection is perfect for gift giving or for yourself, and your gardener friends and family members. Organic Cherry Bell Radish, Organic Broccoli Calabrese, Organic Sugar Daddy Peas,Organic Kale Lacinato, Organic Beets Detroit Dark Red, Organic Fava Beans, Organic Little Finger Carrots, Organic Cauliflower Snowball. This seed is produced on certified organic farmland. Processed in a certified organic processing facility that is inspected annually. Seeds are tested twice a year at accredited seed testing laboratories to ensure United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) germination and purity standards are met. The seeds are packaged by members of the American Seed Trade Association. Our stated germination percentages are above the USDA standards, however these are obtained under laboratory conditions, our customers should not expect to reach these levels in a field environment, but you can be assured you are starting out with the highest quality seeds. Your success will depend on growing conditions, weather, soil type, amount of sun, water, cultivation, crop damage from insects and especially rabbits and field mice who love the tender seedling sprouts as they come up. Obviously these are out of our control, and often out of your control as well! Gardening experience plays a key role in the success of any garden. As you know, gardening is a life skill. Some people are better at it than others, and then there are the factors mentioned above that we can not control. We attribute many of them to God and nature! Only the BEST products are offered by Mopet Marketplace!

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