Oven Browned Potatoes


Oven Browned Potatoes 1

Oven Browned Potatoes

This is a good recipe it can be used as a base. Dress it up by adding in some caramelized onions, coconut bacon, vegan sour cream, and vegan cheddar cheese. Also you could mix in onion, bell pepper, and hot sauce for potato fajitas.



  • Cook potatoes until tender.
  • Cool and peel.
  • Cut into 1/2" cubes.
  • Spray 11" x 17" casserole dish with a light coating of oil cooking spray.
  • Layer potatoes in the dish sprinkling a little onion powder and Herbamare on each layer.
  • Brush a little olive oil on top if desired.
  • Bake uncovered at 350°F until browned.


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