Unique Vegan Resources, Blogs, and Groups Worth Following

Unique Vegan Resources, Blogs, and Groups Worth Following 1

Vegan Yack Attack

Run by Jackie this site has something for everyone from dessert, dinners, and raw recipes. Also, she has written several vegan books and has an excellent YouTube channel.


Vegan Huggs

Melissa started her blog to share delicious vegan recipes she has been creating for over 10 years. Her recipes are easy to make, full-flavored and will satisfy anyone even carnivores.


Peace By Vegan

Vegan Animal Liberation Activist. Check out his 5 Tips for NEW Vegans!


Artistic Vegan

Full of Vegan recipes, healthy lifestyle, yoga, and Alchemy! Checkout Christa’s YouTube channel for delicious vegan recipes.


Avant Garde Vegan

For some incredible recipes checkout Gaz’s YouTube, website, and cookbooks. Even if you’re a terrible cook you can always enjoy the beautiful vegan food pictures!


Vegan Muscle

Rodney’s Vegan YouTube channel inspired me to start trying more Seitan recipes. He also has workout tips, healthy recipes, and T-Shirts.

Just look at his Vegan Fried Chicken!



The EASY Vegan


You can find delicious simple vegan recipes and cringey dad jokes. A lot of the recipes are vegan adaptations of traditional British foods.


Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen



Sarah has amazing delicious plant-based vegan meals on her website and YouTube channel. You can find vegan product reviews, vegan mukbang, vegan grocery hauls, what she ate in a day, and much much more!



Mic the Vegan


Mic is a vegan science writer and covers various topics including health effects of a vegan diet and environmental impacts of eating animal products. His videos are packed with science and logic and recommended for anyone interested in veganism.


Facebook Groups

The Vegan Seitan Appreciation Society

The Vegan Pizza Appreciation Society

Bad Vegans™

Vegan Humor Ⓥ


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