What Can VeganPantry.com Offer You? Vegan Pantry Essentials Naturally

It’s more than safe to say that by any reasonable metric, veganism is on the march across the entire planet. More and more people are taking up a lifestyle that rejects animal cruelty and exploitation, offers healthier living and gives our long-suffering Mother Earth a boost along the way.

That’s quite the trio and what better place to savor the vegan experience than here at VeganPantry.com.

A closer look is definitely in order because it reinforces what we as vegans always know, but always needs additional reinforcement of…

Veganism is the next and only step forward for humanity, the animals and the planet. As vegans, we know that the current mass exploitation of animals and resources that they depend upon is unsustainable. Every year, over 70 billion, that’s BILLION, land animals are slaughtered so as to satisfy humanity’s fixation for meat and animal by-products.

As a vegan, one makes a statement against such an abhorrent set of statistics. On the more micro-scale, one doesn’t get to call oneself an “animal lover” if a choice to pet a certain set of animals is ok (cats and dogs) while choosing to destroy, dismember and consume the “non-fluffy” set of animals is simultaneously made.

That’s not being an animal lover. Rather, that’s being a “pet lover” – something that vegans could never subscribe to.

Add to that the health benefits of veganism – the lower risk of dangerous, debilitating diseases and conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and cancer.

And as if that wasn’t enough, veganism also helps the environment in terms of saving water, crops, and land that has been earmarked for the raising (and ultimate destruction of) cattle.

However, despite the recent surge in vegan popularity, vegans still need to stay savvy when it comes down to the resources at their disposal. And that includes not only what’s local to them, but also online.

That said, there’s so much choice out there – it’s a veritable vegan jungle of choice. Understandably then, the question is, just where to go as an online vegan shopper?

Here’s where VeganPantry.com makes a difference for you – the discerning online vegan shopper!

Bit by bit, let’s take a meander along the road of what you’re gonna find deep down inside VeganPantry.com site…

Before we do, here’s a reiteration of just what VeganPantry.com stands for: the best online shopping experience this side of Mount Vegan, committed to great value and the very best customer experience. And so here are some of the vegan goodies to be found inside:

Butter and Condiments:

Well, we’d like to say the bread and butter of life, but, instead let’s run with the vegan condiments of life (that kind of works, so let’s go with that…)

Mayonnaise is deserving of international recognition at the best of times. Talk of canonization is, maybe, pure speculation – at least at this stage.

Well, for all your vegan mayo desires outside of a mention at the United Nations, check us out for Hampton Creek’s “Just Mayo” in regular, chipotle and garlic. And if you’re feeling a little European, try dipping your fries in the mayo of your choice. Belgian fries often come with mayo for dipping – it’s so very worth it!

Then, of course, we can get to check out peanut butter spread. And life without peanut butter is, as per ancient Chinese philosophy (maybe) is an empty one devoid of purpose, direction and application to warm toast (ok, the last one was made up…)

So, in an effort to fill your moral peanut butter void, VeganPantry.com can offer you spiritual nirvana with:

Earth Balance Natural Peanut Butter and Flaxseed Spread and Earth Balance Creamy Peanut Butter as your back-up. Tasty, nutritious and spreadable too, so if that’s your thing – you’ve hit a home run with this.

Faux / Fake Meats

“Cavemen ate meat. So, I need to eat meat.”

So said no vegan ever.

The fact that cavemen also used to run away very scared from thunder is something that non-vegans inevitably fail to mention. So any non-vegan argument invoking the concept of cavemen is never going to win an Oxford-style Debate, but still, as a vegan, it’s still mindful to know that such nonsense still exists alive and well out there.

However, for those vegans among us who like the taste of meat, but don’t want the guilt of the same, you’ll more than find your options here.

Take your pick from Dixie Diner’s Club – Chicken (Not) through to Veggie Bacon Bits and Dips (Hickory Style) by Cool Foods – your faux meat cravings are more than met. And there’s more – try Dixie Diner’s Club – Beef (Not) too – always an option if you want that meat kick but without the violence, cruelty, and misery of regular meat.

Soups, Stocks, and Broth

Those awesome things that add life and spice to the body of any vegan meal – where do your detective instincts take you to?

Well, first up, if you’re looking for a low-sodium, vegan bouillon that hits the spot every time, then you’ve Sherlock Holmesed your way to what you need – and it only took a few clicks of your mouse to make your way to Better Than Bouillon Vegetable Base.

Lacking the salt kick of regular bouillon, as well as all that misery, cruelty and exploitation that comes with animal exploitation, you’re onto a winner with this vegan dinner supplement – be that soups, stocks or gravies.

For those Indian curry fans amongst the vegan masses, and we know there are plenty of those of you out there! If you’ve not had the pleasure of Indian, then here’s a great opener for you try. In particular, Edward & Sons Yellow Curry Cubes.

These are a gentle start to any soup or broth, be mindful that this delightful introduction to the world of curry doesn’t lead you quick-smart to the enticing world of biryani, madras, and vindaloo. Pro-tip: once you go there, you’ll likely need to leave a message for friends, family and nearest and dearest ‘cos you’ll likely never come back.

Sweet Tooth Truth

The need for sugar that we had as kids? Well, it goes by the time we are adults.

And, spot the blatant deception? It mostly goes because even when we’ve had the most satisfying, spicy, savory meal known to the vegan cosmos, you can still get that completely illogical craving for a sweet kick.

Which brings us to honey – or at least vegan honey substitute. And let’s be clear, honey, absolutely one hundred million percent is not vegan. Bees struggle and strive to make honey for themselves. The desire of some humans to seemingly just “help themselves” to honey because, well, just because they can, is fundamentally wrong, especially so as a vegan.

So here’s where VeganPantry.com can help out. Time to check out BlendItUp Bee Free Vegan Honey. So good that you’d never know the difference and you can use it to sweeten up whatever food you like.

Another option is Pure Monk Fruit All-Natural Sugar-Free Sweetener. This sugar-hit is genuinely free of additives, junk and other nasties that you tend to find on the periodic table. It really is all-natural. All for sure.

So there’s a whole world of great vegan foodstuffs to be found here on VeganPantry.com. And of course, unsurprisingly (because you just knew this was a-coming) there’s more for vegan online shopping to be discovered. With that in mind, let’s try…

Kitchen Gadgets, Supplements and Whistles, and Bells.

These are glorious days for veganauts in the kitchen. Rustling up great vegan meals, healthy, nutritious and tasty, always gets a boost with a bit of kitchen gadget hocus-pocus.

Kitchen-Aids, juicers, and dicers, to name but a few categories, are waiting for you on-site. Your chance as a vegan to take your meal-times to that next level – enhancing your creativity and talent in the kitchen. Great vegan food often needs great vegan tools to do the job. Check them out!

As most vegans know, vitamin B12 can be a little bit of the Holy Grail in terms of dietary nutrition. The bad news? Many an omnivore will happily tell you as a vegan that the only way you can get B12 is through meat consumption. Which is, to use a fine ole English expression, complete balderdash.

Vegans are more than able to get hold of B12 through any number of means, including, in particular, fortified juices. Garden of Life Vitamin B12 Whole Organic Spray gives you not only a taste extravaganza but also fuels you up on that precious B12. Check it out – you’ll get to get a great vegan health kick from it while kicking the doubters very firmly out into the long grass.

Add to that that every vegan inevitably wants to extend their compassion beyond the food that they buy. And here’s where VeganPantry.com gets to help out again. From vegan toothpaste to deodorant to even toilet-paper, the vegan imperative to do the right thing never stops.

To a vegan, it’s natural – if you don’t want the suffering on your plate, you’re likewise never going to want to wear it or apply it either.

Let’s Put It All Together…

Let’s face it, there’s a whole vegan world out there that’s on a major growth spurt. So, it comes as no surprise that there’s also a growing world of vegan food and merchandise sites also out there, pretty much mirroring that growth.

Going vegan is, for the vast majority, a decision that is not made lightly. In the vast majority of cases, it becomes a whole-life decision that extends into all decision-making facets of one’s life.

Well, in a crowded market, what’s the difference with VeganPantry.com as compared to others? Here’s the difference – it’s genuine, it’s in harmony with the real rhythm of what veganism really is and is always looking to get you those better vegan options and vegan deals.

Enjoy browsing and happy, happy vegan shopping!


Hi, my name is Jason and I am a vegan with a keen interest in plant-based diet and nutrition. This site was set up to help me explore the research, facts, and myths about veganism. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.

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