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My Vegan Journey

While attending a wedding rehearsal dinner I saw my friends had brought their own Vegan Parmesan Cheese. I was curious so I began learning about veganism. That lead me to videos of the abuse animals experience in factory farms. At this point, I didn’t want to participate in the exploitation of animals and started down my vegan journey.

So in the last week of December 2015, I decided to give going vegan a try. I was thinking of going as a new year’s resolution but decided there wasn’t any reason not to go for it before January 1st.

Previously I had helped a friend move to a 12 residence all-vegan co-op in Madison, Wi. This was eye-opening to me just sharing a few meals and getting to meet welcoming vegans. While visiting one day I noticed all the different food in bulk storage containers on their stairwell, looking back this might have been the first inkling of an idea forming in my head that has evolved into this site.

The first time I had a desire to change my dietary habits was in the mid-90s when the Simpsons ran an episode where Lisa had an epiphany and went vegetarian. Also, I remember watching the Roseanne episode where Darlene Conner had drawn police like chalk outlines of cows in front of her mother’s loose meat sandwich shop as a form of vegetarian activism. These were primary divers for me to go vegetarian in my teen years. After a year my family was grilling and had some Italian sausages and brats I caved and went back to eating SAD (Standard American Diet).

My goal is to help new vegans and potential vegans with recommendations, helpful articles, and delicious vegan recipes. Hopefully, in starting this website I can help newcomers and seasoned vegans find new vegan products and avoid missteps and pitfalls.


I did zero research on how to do a selfie please forgive me.
I did zero research on how to do a selfie please forgive me.

Jason Gutt
Website Editor

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