9 Easy Vegan Birthday Ideas to Make Their Day Special

9 Easy Vegan Birthday Ideas to Make Their Day Special 3

Planning a vegan birthday party or finding the perfect vegan gift may seem challenging. But remember that vegans are people too (!) and they love many of the same birthday treats as non-vegans (hello, cake, looking at you). Many popular party foods can be veganized, and there’s an ever-growing selection of vegan-friendly gifts available online.   


Where to Start with Your Vegan Birthday Preparations

Food and fun. Get those two things right and the party will be legendary. This handy checklist makes birthday prep as easy as pie-and-vegan-ice-cream:


  • Pick a party theme. Tropical? Rustic? Fiesta? Movie star costume party?
  • Gather supplies. Go for reusable, recycled, or compostable tableware
  • Go all-out with the décor. Buy sustainable decorations or make your own
  • The. Cake. Arguably the most important thing; buy it or bake it, just make it vegan
  • Food, glorious food. Whip up (or buy) some nibbles that everyone will love
  • Don’t forget the drinks. Cocktails and mocktails for toasting the birthday person
  • The birthday gift. Shop sustainably and mindfully to find the perfect present


The Party Supplies

Veganism is a lifestyle, not just a diet. Many vegans try to make ethical and eco-friendly choices in all aspects of their life. So when planning a vegan birthday party, choose reusable party supplies over disposable ones. Bamboo plates and cups are great, as they’re biodegradable, reusable, and won’t break if things get rowdy!


As for the party decorations, make your own from recycled or repurposed materials. Turn fabric scraps into garlands and make paper pompoms from colorful magazine pages. Wrap empty glass jars with ribbon to make table decorations. Fill recycled paper bags with vegan fudge or flower seeds to serve as party favors. Creative and cost-saving too!

9 Easy Vegan Birthday Ideas to Make Their Day Special 4

The Vegan Birthday Cake

No birthday party is complete without a cake. You may think a vegan cake will be hard to find or challenging to bake at home. You may think it will taste horrible, or worse, give up and have no cake at all! We’d RSVP with a big nope in that case.  

But relax. These days, vegan birthday cakes are readily available in many grocery stores. It’s also easy – and fun! – to make a vegan-friendly birthday cake at home. There are countless recipes online; all you’ll need are a handful of pantry staples and a sprinkling of creativity! 

Try this vegan birthday cake mix on amazon

Swapping out regular milk and butter for plant-based versions is an important part of the recipe. You can use applesauce, mashed banana, or flaxseed mixed with water in place of eggs. Then go wild with the avocado-chocolate frosting (not as weird as it sounds). You’ll have a moist ‘n’ moreish cake that everyone will love. 

The Appetizers

Step away from the salad and whip up some tempting finger foods that both vegans and meat-eaters will enjoy. Try buffalo cauliflower “wings”, vegan sushi, loaded potato skins with coconut “bacon”, pizza rolls, and bruschetta with tomato topping. Don’t forget the dips (hummus and vegan ranch are a must!) and lay out a platter of raw veggies cut into dunkable sticks. Fresh fruit kabobs will go down a treat too. 


The Drinks

To please everyone, stock your home bar with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Remember to check the labels as many wines and beers are not suitable for vegans. You can also check Barnivor.com to make sure your alcoholic drinks are vegan.


Vegan Birthday Gift Ideas

Everyone loves to receive gifts, vegans included. When shopping for a vegan gift, bear in mind you may have to double-check things like food and alcohol to ensure they’re suitable for vegans. Likewise, when buying home décor items, clothing, or accessories, take care to avoid products made with leather, silk, or fur which are derived from animals. If you’re buying bath and beauty products, check that they’re vegan but also look for the Leaping Bunny logo to ensure they’re cruelty-free and not tested on animals.


Phew! That all sounds exhausting right? Not if you follow our vegan gift guide below!


What to Buy for Someone Who is Vegan?

Vegans love food – fact. So a vegan snack box is a great gift idea, especially if the birthday guy or girl is new to veganism. Snack boxes let the recipient try out different vegan treats to find the ones they love. Vegancuts has a fab subscription snack box filled with various plant-based delights; they also offer a vegan beauty subscription box based on the same principle. 


If a foodie gift doesn’t float your boat, then how about something for the home? Soy candles, houseplants, and zero-waste kitchen items will all be appreciated. A vegan cookbook is a thoughtful gift idea too. 


Maybe your vegan loved one likes an ethical pamper session? Bella & Bear offers a gorgeous line of 100% vegan, cruelty-free, chemical-free bath and body products. Ethique is a popular beauty brand, selling a range of zero-waste solid shampoo bars and body wash bars, made with all-natural ingredients. 


What to Buy for Your Vegan Significant Other?

Finding a gift for your vegan partner doesn’t have to be stressful. Check out these ideas:


For Her:

  • E.L.F. makeup: because looking her best shouldn’t compromise her values
  • Pacifica perfume: vegan and cruelty-free fragrance that smells divine!
  • Vegan jewelry: treat her to a trinket made of ethical, sustainable materials


For Him:

  • Bulldog Full Face Kit: vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified men’s grooming products
  • Bamboo cotton t-shirt: planet-friendly, a sustainable style that’ll keep him cool
  • Vegan leather wallet: be kind to cows and let him stash his cash someplace ethical


What to Buy for Your Vegan Friend?

Your plant-based BFF deserves to feel the love on his or her birthday. Consider giving a gift that’s both useful and from the heart, such as a tofu press (because two books and a paper towel is so last year), a personalized vegan leather tote (compassionate and cute!), or a reusable bamboo travel mug (for the vegan hustler who’s always on-the-go). 


If you’re really stuck for ideas or trying to please the person who has everything, you can’t go wrong with a donation to their favorite animal welfare charity! 


Planning a Vegan Birthday is Easy-Peasy

With a little prep and a mindful approach, you can give your vegan loved one a birthday to remember and a gift to cherish!

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