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It is no doubt that vegan breakfast recipes are a bit difficult to come by. A typical breakfast usually entails eggs, bacon, ham, cheese you name it. One thing is for sure, and that is breakfast must be filling and packed with essential nutrients to help you start your day on a good note. This recipe for easy breakfast hash is simple, quick and very flavourful. You can customize it to your preference by adding your favorite vegan meat substitute (tempeh, soy mince meat- found in our store or tofu), spinach, your favorite herbs and even some more colorful peppers.

These potatoes are crispy and golden on the outside, with a soft and melt in your mouth interior. Pretty much the most perfect breakfast potatoes that you can ever make and not to mention that they come together in no time. The biggest tip would be to ensure that the potatoes are arranged in a single layer so that they all cook evenly and try not to move them around much. This allows them to crisp up nicely and brown evenly.
Enjoy these potatoes with a side of scrambled tofu eggs, a dollop of vegan sour cream or on their own as they are perfect just as is too.


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Here’s a back to school vegan lunch idea that both you and the kids can enjoy. This vegan tuna salad features a star ingredient in the vegan community- chickpeas or garbanzo beans. Apart from this ingredient being a nutrition powerhouse with Vitamins K, B-6 and folate to name a few, it is also a great source of protein and fiber for vegans.
Like a non-vegan tuna salad, this can be enjoyed on a bed of greens, over some brown rice or on some toast as a sandwich – the possibilities are endless. This “tuna” mix starts with a base of mashed chickpeas. Flavorings such as freshly squeezed lemon juice, vegan mayonnaise, mustard and a pinch of seaweed flakes (for a “fishy” taste) take this chickpea tuna mix over the top. To be honest, it can probably rival a non-vegan tuna any day.
When dealing with your chickpeas, be sure to rinse them under some cold water. Canned products are sometimes high on sodium so rinsing the chickpeas enables you to control the amount of salt that goes into the final product. You can leave your chickpeas with a few chunks for texture, or mash them very finely. Add this to your lunch meal prep and you wouldn’t regret it.


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Most vegans can admit that cheese and dairy was one of the biggest things to give up – apart from bacon. Well here’s a recipe for a creamy, “cheesy” and “meaty” hamburger mac and cheese. Yes, you heard right. This mac and cheese feature a vegan minced meat substitute that has an amazing meaty texture so that you won’t miss the meat at all.

What makes it cheesy you might ask? That would be a vegan favorite and pantry essential known as nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast flakes give a yummy cheesy flavor to any dish and not to mention that it adds vital and essential proteins to the vegan diet. The addition of vegan shredded yellow cheddar cheese also added to cheesiness and not to mention the creamy texture.
Beef-flavored soy protein was used as the “hamburger” aspect. Some might shy away from soy because of dietary reasons or maybe just out of preference. If this is you, then feel free to omit it altogether or use another meat substitute like tempeh or even crumbled tofu.
This recipe is going to make dinner nights that much easier as this is a dish that both kids and adults alike can enjoy.


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